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Renault keys

At L C Auto Locksmith I can make and program in a new Renault replacment Key or remote/fob. Even if you have lost the car key I can still make you a new one or a spare key. I stock a wide range of Renault keys and remotes. I also repair keys and fobs.


Renault Key Cards


Renault key cards are easily damaged due to their design. If you drop it, sit on it whilst in your back pocket or just through general use, you will find that the key card starts to fail.


Symptoms include the car failing to lock or unlock, a rattling sound coming from inside the case or the car not starting. A damaged key card is more than a nuisance, it could leave you stranded somewhere with a car you cannot get into or start.


Dealers take between 7 to 14 days to order you a new key card since they are restricted to ordering these from Renault dealers, I have most cards in stock and can have you back on the road the same day, I have a mobile workshop so I can come to you without the worry of having your car towed to a garage causing you more cost and stress.


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