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UPVC door repairs

L C Locksmiths will repair or replace all locking mechanisms on all types of uPVC doors. If you are struggling to lock or unlock your door, this does not mean a new door. Many window and door replacement companies will, in many cases tell you parts are no longer available and you need a new door. This is NOT the case. In almost all cases all that is required is a general service and re-adjustment of the locking mechanism or door.


•Patio door locks

•UPVC door lock replacments

•French door lock and lock mechs

•Extra security/sash locks or anti snap,anti pick locks


L C Locksmiths can provide a repair, servicing and replacement service for all types of uPVC and multi-point locking systems. I also upgrade old UPVC door mechanisms by replacing old out of date mechanisms for the state of the art hooks and bolts mechanisms.


Where possible I always try to open doors and locks without damage and without the need for new locks.


Security Advice


Please ensure when you push the handle up when using your uPVC door, that you always use the key to lock the mechanism in to place, if you do not, the only part of the multi-point locking point system holding your door closed is the latch, making it very easy for someone to gain entry to your property.

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